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The indoor league is designed to allow teams to compete locally in Southern California. Each team is placed into one of three divisions and regions. Each division is based on a team's competitive level and longevity in the league. Each region is established by geographic proximity to other universities.

League play consists of three weekends of competition where every team plays each other throughout the Spring.

Teams then qualify for the league championships and compete for the title of the best in Southern California.


League Dues Status
Men's Division Women's Division
Paid Arizona State University - A Arizona State University - A Paid
Paid Arizona State University - B Arizona State University - B Paid
Pending Azusa Pacific University Azusa Pacific University N/A
Paid Cal Poly Pomona Cal Poly Pomona Paid
Paid Chapman University Claremont Colleges Paid
Paid Claremont Colleges CSU Channel Islands Paid
Paid CSU Channel Islands CSU Fullerton Paid
Pending CSU Fullerton CSU Long Beach Paid
Paid CSU Long Beach CSU Northridge - A Paid
Paid CSU Northridge - A CSU San Marcos Paid
Paid CSU Northridge - B Loyola Marymount University  Paid
Paid CSU San Marcos Grand Canyon University - A Paid
Paid Grand Canyon University - A Grand Canyon University - B Paid
Paid Grand Canyon University - B Mount Saint Mary's University Paid
Paid Loyola Marymount University Northern Arizona University - A Paid
Paid Northern Arizona University - A Northern Arizona University - B Paid
N/A Pasadena City College Point Loma Nazarene University Paid
Paid Point Loma University San Diego State University - A Paid
Paid San Diego State University - A San Diego State University - B Paid
Paid San Diego State University - B UC Irvine Paid
Paid University of Southern California -A UC Los Angeles - A Paid
Paid University of Southern California - B UC Los Angeles - B Paid
Paid UC Irvine - A UC Riverside Paid
Paid UC Irvine - B UC San Diego - A Paid
Paid UC Los Angeles UC San Diego - B Paid
Paid UC Riverside - A  UC Santa Barbara - A Pending
Paid UC Riverside - B UC Santa Barbara - B Pending
Paid UC San Diego - A University of Arizona - A Paid
Paid UC San Diego - B University of Arizona - B Paid
Pending UC Santa Barbara - A University of San Diego  Paid
Pending UC Santa Barbara - B University of Southern California - A Paid
Pending UC Santa Barbara - C University of Southern California - B Paid
Paid University of Arizona - A Utah Valley University - A Paid
Paid University of Arizona - B    
Paid University of San Diego     
Paid Utah Valley University - A    


Last Updated: 1/31/2024 @ 2:45 pm

Previous Year Champions


Men's D1 UCLA-A defeated SDSU-A // Men's D2 USD defeated Chapman // Men's D3 UCSD-B defeated UCSB-B // Women's D1 USC-A defeated UCLA-A // Women's D2 CSULB defeated APU // Women's D3 USC-B defeated UCLA-B


No League Championships

2020 Virtual Interactive Bracket Champions

Men's D1 CSUN-A // Men's D2 LMU // Men's D3 CSUF // Women's D1 SDSU // Women's D2 UCI // Women's D3 MSMU


Men's D1 UCSB-A defeated ASU // Men's D2 APU defeated LMU // Men's D3 CSUF defeated CPP // Women's D1 UCLA-A defeated UCSD-A // Women's D2 CSUSM defeated APU // Women's D3 UCLA-A defeated UCSB-B


Men's - U of A defeated UCSD // Women's - UCSB defeated USC


Men's D1 - ASU defeated USC-A // Men's D2 - USD defeated UCSB-B // Men's D3 - CSUN defeated Redlands // Women's D1 - SDSU defeated UCSD // Women's D2 PLNU defeated UCLA-B // Women's D3 CSUSM defeated CSUSB


Men's D1 - SDSU-A defeated UCSD // Men's D2 - LMU defeated Claremont // Women's D1 - UCSD defeated UCLA // Women's D2 UCBS-B defeated USC-B


Men's D1 - Arizona State defeated UCSB // Men's D2 - Claremont defeated LMU // Women's D1 - UCLA defeated UCSB // Women's D2 - PLNU defeated APU


Men's D1 - UCI defeated UCLA // Men's D2 - Chapman defeated USD // Women's D1 - UCSB defeated UCSD // Women's D2 - UCSB "B" defeated PLNU


Men D1 - UCSB defeated SDSU // Men D2 - USD defeated Chapman // Women D1 - UCI Defeated UCSB "A" // Women D2 - APU defeated UCR


Men - UCSD defeated CSULB // Women - UCSB defeated ?


Men - UCSD defeated SDSU // Women - UCSB "A" defeated UCI "A"


Men - CSULB defeated SDSU // Women - UCLA defeated UCI "A"


Men - UCLA defeated UCSD // Women - UCSB "A" defeated SDSU "A"


Men - UCLA defeated SDSU // Women - UCSD defeated USD


Men - UCLA Defeated SDSU // Women - USC defeated UCSD


Men - USC defeated UCLA // Women - USC defeated UCSD


Men - SDSU defeated LMU


SCCVL 2022-2023 League Constitution